About Kessock Books

Our titles celebrate the astonishing and diverse landscapes, the mixture of cultures, and the complex and fascinating history of this remarkable region. In so doing, we question the prevalent myths and legends, in particular those surrounding the 19th-century adoption of 'Highlandism'.


Our policy is to be informative, eclectic and entertaining, and our market comprises tourists, locals, incomers and everyone interested in this special part of Europe.  


As of December 2017, we have eight books in print. You can buy our books by ordering through our online Shop, or by contacting Lomond Books, our representatives in the Scottish tourist and book trade, or by contacting book trade distributors Gardners.


Kessock Books Ltd was established in Inverness in 2014 in order to publish books exclusively on the Scottish Highlands and Islands: from the humorous to the serious and from the historical to the contemporary.