The Road Home


In ‘The Road Home’, Mike Edwards, who was born and brought up in the Highland Capital of Inverness and who is today Senior News Correspondent at Scottish Television, describes his travels around the USA when he visited each of his ‘home towns’.

Mike discusses his reactions to each Inverness, and he locates the townships in the wider context of a country which has never been a stranger to celebration and crisis or to triumph and tragedy. He also gives a vivid account of his arduous journey, the people he meets, the places he visits, and his opinions and reflections as he travels. Throughout, he intersperses his memories of his childhood, youth and journalistic career, all written in a personal and revealing manner.

Entertaining, witty and perceptive, ‘The Road Home’ will be enjoyed by all who agree with Mike that the most welcome road home is the one which leads to the Scottish Highlands.

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