Written in a similarly anarchic but equally affectionate spirit as 'Snow on the Ben', this book was selected by the 'Press and Journal' as its 'Book of the Week'.


Essentially an entertaining quiz book on Inverness and the Highlands, 'Views from the Ben' also contains short biographies of Highland characters, a cheuchter top-ten music listing (difficult to explain without reading it), jokes, wry asides, splendid cartoons and other bits and pieces. It is designed to amuse and educate, the emphasis being very much on the former.


Discover how they practise safe sex in Cromarty, where King Macbeth really lived, what the name Lovat means, and a great deal more. It's all in here.

Views from the Ben

A clarty wee boorach of a book


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'An interesting and amusing collection of stories, songs, poems and jokes... I couldn't help but laugh all the way through this little book' Press and Journal

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Date: 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9930296-2-2

Paperback: 96 pages

Price: £7.95 - £3.95

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